The GR Cousins Project
This Project is to show we are all related. The names found here are mostly from the Kutschurgan District but there are many others included as families moved and expanded. Due to a few complaints about living names I no longer include full information on the living. Send an email if you want to find out any your interested in.

Click on the map or link below it to see the list of Surnames:

Index to GR Surnames List.

There will be typos, wrong dates, wrong link ups of marriages etc as you all know what can happen. Most of the information here was found on the internet and I noticed obvious typos and errors typing it in but did not make corrections and I am sure I added a few typos myself.

This information is NOT being gathered to write a Book or to send to any of those on-line genealogy sites that want to charge you to view it. I have very little documentation execpt for my own direct line, so the information is for anyone now and future generations to make it easier to find a name or a link and then find their own facts to back it up.

When you get to the names listings click on prev, next at the ends of the alphabet line to scroll up and down to find more names.

If you find some helpful information, be so kind as to share some of yours. Please send me your family history or any part of it you care to share. I can see that many people are copying information from here but it would be nice to get some additions, fill-ins and corrections. Send me an email at:

If you find someone you want more information on, contact the Germans from Russia Historical Society (GRHS). They maintain digitized copies of thousands of Obituaries, Funeral Cards of Germans from Russia. Copies can be obtained for a nominal fee. Contact GRHS at: GRHS then Research Library then Obituaries in the left column.

Also if you are interested in origins of Germans/Russia from Johlingen, Germany go to:

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