Notes for Peter HORNSTEIN

Peter married Regina Biegler 22 November, 1922 in Mannheim. Regina born 04
February, 1898 in Mannheim, Beljajewka Rayon (region) of Odessa. Her father
Jakob was born 23 January, 1870 in Mannheim and died there. Her mother
Magdalene Moser was born in 1873 in Mannheim and was still living but no
address was given. They had five children Jakob, Emma, Georg, Lydia, Johannes
and all born in Mannheim. In the immigration application, Peter stated that
his ancestors on both sides were German, and they had spoken German at home.
From 1933 to 1935 he had been a member of the labor union, and in 1916 - 1917
he had been a soldier in the Csar's army. He had no arrest record. Peter lived
from birth to 1933 in Mannheim, 1933 - 1935 in Odessa, 1935 - 1942 in
Neu-Kalscha, 1942 - to 27 March, 1944 in Mannheim, 17 March to 7 April 1944 in
Ovidiopol? 7 April to 29 May en route to Germany, 29 May to 20 June 1944 in a
"camp" 20 June to 6 July in Kosten, and 6 July to current date in camp No. 20.
His wife was in Mannheim from birth to 1933, Odessa from 1933 to 1935 and with
her husband thereafter. Immigration permit from Peter, Regina and all children
except Jakob was issued 30 July, 1944 in Kolmar (now Colmar).
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