Welcome to the Meyer Home Page, Where Creative Minds Gather.™ We are three brothers who worked together to create what we consider a unique website. Our joint work includes The Prisoner U.S. Home Page  and T.T.A.A.™ Our personal pages are also accessible by clicking on our faces above or on the buttons under “Main Links” to the right.

The three of us are afficionados of the late '60s British T.V. series The Prisoner.  Back in the early days of the World Wide Web, we developed The Prisoner U.S. Home Page , your unofficial source for information, images, sound clips, and in-depth discussion. Interactive features include the Prisoner Episode Survey and the Gallery.

We each drew comic books when we were young. By far, the most extensive such series is T.T.A.A.,™ created and drawn by Kent with help from Kirby and Reed. It is a soap box for the critical stance we take on the current state of mainstream comic books. In our opinion, comics suffer when continuity and plausibility are sacrificed or when good characters are dumped for poor reasons.

Game shows with lots of blinking lights also interest us, as well as the kickass '80s show MacGyver.  No longer do we have plans to develop a fan site on the latter, but we may produce a game show site in the future.

In the past, we used to embed links to other web pages all over the place. However, due to the fact that other authors can't seem to keep their websites running much more than a year, we've elected to throw most links into dedicated subpages. This way, removing old trash can be a snap! Of course, if you think of a relevant link to be added, or if you've got any other suggestions, feel free to contact us by clicking on one of the names on the tag line at the bottom.

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Revision Notes

(3/20/22) Revised all subpages of the Prisoner site. As a bonus, we dialed back some of our ego.

(7/1/07) Finally updated the TTAA site (got rid of The Vault 'cuz we weren't making any money.)

(6/30/03) Comments regarding compatibility with Netscape 1.0 removed after learning that Netscape 2.0 is now the standard web browser in use.

(6/30/03) Section in Prisoner  site questioning Kipp Teague's sexual preferences toned down due to threat of libel suit. (Can we help it if we thought Kipp was a girl?)

(6/8/03) 'Kathy Ireland sitting on Uranus' image removed, for lack of class (it should've been Cindy Crawford).

(4/27/03) Statement “This site is eternally cool, so it doesn't have to be updated” removed, reluctantly, by viewer's insistence.

(Note: Not true faces of creators above. Makeup has been applied.)
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