Notes for Anton BUCKMAYER

Matthias Buckmayer's father is listed as Anton Buckmayer born 14 Jan. 1873 in
Mannheim and died 05 Apr. 1918 in Neuheim. Anton Buckmayer married Karoline
Volk (0952/1104) (see more about her below) and they had five children all
born in Neuheim, and are listed in a hand written letter (letter in 1066/1233)
and several are named in EWZ forms.

The surname Buckmayer can also be spelled Buckmeier , or Buck(en)meier as
noted in the Kutschurgan Spousal Book.

Special thanks to Jim Weninger and Kutschurgan Regional Interest Grop that
translated EWZ50-A086-1055 on this line of decendantss
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Notes for Bernhard BUCKMAYER

birth date is Julian Calander
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Notes for Matthias BUCKMAYER

Matthias Buckmayer born 25 July, 1905 (passport 1063/1230) in Neuheim,
Radelnaya Rayon (area) Odessa. Matthias spoke German at home and attended
three years of German school in Neuheim. There is a EWZ statement that
Matthias is currently working and his address is care of the Keilerbach post
office, city of Bereslin (or Breslau, which is the German name of the Polish
city of Wroclaw). Matthias lived from birth to 19 March, 1944 in Neuheim. From
19 March to 20 May,1944 he was enroute to Germany and from 20 May, 1944 to
present was at Klein Pappel, in Ostrowo, Poland. He was approved for entry
into Germany on 09 November, 1944 issued in Ostrowo
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